HW Community House!

Just a note in case you were wondering about my hours for the summer.

To put it in short terms:

HW Community House- going strong for the whole summer!!

Zumi's- going to every other week starting after the 7th

Tea House- On hiatus for the summer

For full schedules check the web page!

Back to work on the new cd!

Be well,



June 2008

Friday, June 27th10:00 am

New Friday Morning Show!

Hamilton Wenham Community House

South Hamilton, MA 01982 US


Call 978.468.4818 for more details

Saturday, June 28th


Birthday Party

Contact me for booking your party today!

Monday, June 30th4:00 pm


Ipswich, MA 01938-2213 USA


Call (978) 356-1988 for more details

more events at http://www.slab500.com/bdoser/index.php?page=calendar


A few June Updates!


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Brian Doser [http://www.slab500.com/bdoser]


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