No Tea House on Friday!

Just a quick note to say no Tea House this Friday! More holiday music starts next week!
'''''EVENTS:''December 2007 ''Friday, December 7th 10:00 am'Back next week!'No Wenham Tea House Today!!' Wenham, MA 01984 US''Come join me on Fridays again in the heart of Wenham! They have a great room to dance around in while the parents can enjoy coffee and treats and good conversation! '''Saturday, December 8th 'Birthday Party' Contact me for booking your party today!'''Monday, December 10th 4:00 pm'Zumi's!!' Ipswich, MA 01938-2213 USA''Call (978) 356-1988 for more details'Come join the fun at Zumie's for some delicious ice cream, coffee (for the moms and dads) and 30 - 45 minutes of great music! 'more events at
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